The Apocrypha, Lesson 16: The Wisdom of Solomon, Part 2

Jesus is Wisdom 2

Intro Last week, we stopped at the end of chapter 6.  Today, we pick up, exploring select verses of Wisdom.   Wisdom Described and the Christ to Come Remember, “wisdom” is a feminine-gendered word the Greek, so “she” is used to describe “her/him/it” irrespective of whom or what “she” refers. Wisdom 7:23-24, 8:1: 23 Wisdom […]

The Apocrypha, Lesson 15: The Wisdom of Solomon, Part 1

Wisdom of Solomon 2

Intro Author: The Lutheran Study Bible Apocrypha writes: “The obvious Greek style and philosophical influences make it clear that the Hebrew king Solomon did not write the book.”  Now, this does not mean that what is in Wisdom is not linked in some way to the teachings of Solomon. Date: 30-10 BC. The Church’s Historical […]

Romans: Lesson 4: God Gives Salvation but also Judges

Apse Mosaic of Christ (1911)

Paul is dealing with both Jewish works-righteousness and Gentile sinful license.  Against works-righteousness, he drew from Isaiah 51, affirming that salvation IS the righteousness of God.  Against sinful license, he adapted from the Apocrypha book of Wisdom as a foil to confront sin: If pagans have no excuse before God, how much more so for […]