Exodus 17:1-7: The Rock is Christ

Water from the Rock

The hymn writer, Augustus Toplady, best-known for “Rock of Ages,” grew up in a religious English family.  Contrary to his upbringing, he later left the Church as a young man.  The Lord, however, guides in mysterious ways, using his brother, who decided to visit friends in Ireland.  So, Augustus went along.  At a religious gathering, […]

1st Peter, Lesson 4: The Baptized’s Life of Being Saved

Lesson 4, Destined to Fall

Last week, we continued looking into God’s call for His baptized people to live a life of holiness.  Today, we continue studying this, in that, we are called to be God’s priestly people in the New Temple.   The Baptized’s Life of Holiness: 1 Peter 1:13-2:10 Peter breaks this section into three subsections.  We now […]