The Apocrypha, Lesson 9: Tobit, Pt. 2

Tobias and Sarah are Married

Last week, we learned of Tobit, who became blind from bird droppings.  After remembering he had saved about 30 years’ worth of wages, he sends his son, Tobias, to retrieve his wealth.  So Tobias readies himself for the journey.   The Introduction to Some New Characters Today, some new characters will come our way. Gabael: […]

Augsburg Confession, Articles 10-11: The Lord’s Supper and Private Confession

Private Confession (610x351)

AC X: The Lord’s Supper Our churches teach that the body and blood of Christ are truly present and are distributed to those who eat the Lord’s Supper [1 Corinthians 10:16]. They reject those who teach otherwise. Rome’s Response: The tenth article does not offend us, for it confesses that in the Eucharist, after the […]