Church History, Lesson 8: The Last of the Apostles’ Students, Ignatius and Polycarp

Ignatius and Polycarp 2

Intro Ignatius Ignatius of Antioch (35-107 AD) was the 3rd Bishop of Antioch.  Late in Emperor Trajan’s reign (98-117 AD), he was arrested for being a Christian, chosen because of his status and profile.  So, he was taken to Rome under a guard of 10 soldiers to face martyrdom. On the way, Christians gathered to […]

Mark 16:19: Jesus’ ascension to the right hand of God the Father

Jesus sitting at the right hand of God the Father (610x351)

Our Lord’s ascension is a continuing celebration of His incarnation. It celebrates that Jesus, true God of true God, became man. Jesus became man to save us from our sins. But it was more than that: He also came to raise us up in Himself, all so we could share in God’s divine nature, as […]