Church History, Lesson 1: The New Covenant Begins

Jesus on the Cross and the Lords Supper Host (610x351)

This is a new study series, which begins with Jesus establishing the New Covenant and finishing (we hope) with the Church recognizing and listing the texts of both the Old- and New-Testament Scriptures in 397 AD. Jesus Establishes What Is to Take Place in His Church   The New Covenant Ready to go to the cross, […]

The Relation between the Tree of Life and the Sacraments

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The Two Trees Note: In this lesson, the translations from Genesis are your pastor’s. He has done this, hoping you can you get a better “feel” of the poetic language in the Hebrew text.  Genesis 2:9: And YHWH, God, made sprout from the soil every tree that was pleasing to the eye and good for […]

Pastor Futrell Guest on Steadfast Throwdown

Steadfast Throwdown (610x351)

Our pastor was recently interviewed for a Lutheran program called “Steadfast Throwdown.”  The subject of the program is the New Covenant as the Fulfillment of the Old.  Since we are not within listening range of the station that will air the interview, you can hear the interview at two different times on the internet: – […]

John 9:1-41: Who sinned, the blind man or his parents?

The disciples asked Jesus an age-old question.   “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” (John 9:2).  My mother lived her life from such a world view.  When something bad would happen to me, she would invariably say, “God’s punishing you.” It’s easy to assume that.  It’s easy to think […]

From Adam to Jesus, Lesson 8: From the Apocrypha to Jesus as the Fulfillment

Jesus is the New Covenant (610x351)

Before we look directly into the New Testament, we take a short look into the section of Old Testament books the early Church fathers called “books worthy of being read in the Church” or “the readables.”  But the question that normally arises is the value of these books.  Luther did not consider them as Scripture […]