Romans, Lesson 24: Who Authorizes You to Judge?


After dealing with the topic of paying taxes, about not owing the Government taxes, Paul now transitions to a new topic through the word, “owe.”   True Love Fulfills All Read Romans 13:8 Paul starts out, “No one, no one owe,” using command, imperative language. How can someone “no one, no one owe”?   What […]

Luke 6:36-42: What goes around comes around?

Do not judge (610x350)

“Stop judging, and you’ll not be judged.” But, of course, you and I have judged. We’ve judged the motives of those who have offended us. We’ve have acted rashly and assumed the worst of others. We’ve spoken harsh words of judgment about them to others within earshot. “Stop condemning, and you’ll not be condemned.” But, […]