The Apocrypha, Lesson 20: Baruch

A Picture of Baruch Writing at his desk from an old Bible

Intro We know of Baruch from the book of Jeremiah, where he is presented as Jeremiah’s scribe (Jeremiah 32:10-16; 36:1-31).  Baruch means “blessed one,” a shortened form of Berechyahu, “blessed by Yahweh.” Near the end of Jeremiah’s and Baruch’s career in Judea, Baruch read aloud what Jeremiah told him to write.  Baruch did this, and […]

Midweek Advent 1

Advent 1 Candle

Intro Not all invitations are glorious!  It’s true, not all invitations are what they seem to be.  Left to our own sinful ways, we would throw away an invitation that we consider beneath us.  That’s because the tempting lies of the devil have had their way with us.  The devil’s lies have beguiled us.  And […]