Romans, Lessons 28-29: Paul’s Appeal and a study on Deaconesses by way of Phoebe


Paul shared his plans to visit Rome on his way to Spain.  But first, he needs to deliver the monetary aid to the Jerusalem Christians, and so he makes a request of the Roman Christians.   A Final Appeal Read Romans 15:30-32 What does Paul ask of the Roman Christians, in general?   What does […]

1 Timothy, Lesson 9: An Overseer’s Relationship with the Congregation

Young Widow (610x351)

Paul, having finished with a string of imperative verbs (that is, commands) that Timothy must do, Paul now switches between imperative verbs and other verb forms to help highlight between what is beneficial (or what may have to be done because of circumstances) and what must be done.   Older Widows in the Church Note: […]