The Wound of Abandonment: Matthew 27:45-48

Jesus Alone on the Cross (610x351)

How many are the wounds that we have inflicted on our Savior during His Passion, His suffering and death!  Together, we have pondered the wounds of betrayal, apathy, denial, and mockery.  We have seen ourselves, our own lives, reflected in Judas, the sleepy three, Peter, and the soldiers. Yet of the wounds that our Lord […]

Mark 9:2-9: Jesus’ Transfiguration

Transfiguration by Raphael (610x350)

The time for Jesus’ earthly miracles was fading fast.  And soon, His popularity would begin to wane, as well.  For now, we find ourselves at the midpoint of Mark’s Gospel, where Jesus turns His face toward the task of dying and rising.  Jesus begins to teach His disciples that He will have to suffer.  He […]