Romans, Lesson 19: Jesus Comes to You in the Word and Does the Doing

Pantokrator in interior dome of Church (610x406)

When we take in the macro structure of Romans, we find: Romans 1-8: God’s inclusion of the Gentiles Romans 9-11: God’s inclusion of Israel Romans 12-15: Gentiles and Jews getting along Paul still deals with the question, “How do we understand the role of Israel in the New Covenant?”  Today’s lesson delves into Paul’s second […]

2 Corinthians, Lesson 9: God Opens the Heart

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Paul and Timothy just appealed to the Corinthian congregation, quoting Isaiah 49:8. They then say, “Now is a [not “the”] favorable time, now is a [not “the”] day of salvation.” Every time God’s grace comes to someone, that day, that time, is one of salvation. This shows the continuing nature of God coming to us […]

1 Peter 3:13-22: Confessing and Defending the Faith

Prepared to give an answer (610x351)

In today’s Church, probably for about the last 200 years, we’ve often heard about Christian “witnessing,” telling others about Jesus, and how every Christian is supposed to be a witness. Yet, that’s not true. But hear me out before you brand me a heretic. For what I’m going to share with you comes from the […]