Genesis 32:22-30: Best of Luck or Blessing?

Best of Luck

A saying we use in our everyday lives is “Best of luck.”  Through those words, we wish another well—whether on the phone, at work, or somewhere else.  The idea behind a blessing is to encourage.  Still, do you wonder what “luck” is?  In wishing another “the best of luck,” you are voicing a belief in […]

Genesis 28:10-17: Jesus is the Staircase between Heaven and Earth

Jacob Ladder (610x543)

Jacob escapes and flees to what looks like an ordinary place, on a night like any other. But on this night, he’s running away from his brother, Esau, who has threatened to kill him. For Jacob had just swindled him for a second time. Esau had had enough! But let’s go back to the first […]

Revelation, Lesson 3: Prologue

Pantokrator (610x364)

Prologue Read Revelation 1:1-3 –          In what way does the information from the visions in Revelation come to us?  Is it primarily literal or by way of signs? (vs. 1)   –          What is the sequence of how the information comes to us in Revelation?   –          In verse 3, we see a sequence of […]