John 14:1-11: No End Run Around Jesus–the Way

One Way

The Gospel of Jesus Christ offends many people because it excludes all others paths of salvation.  Multiple ways to heaven don’t exist; only one does.  No other name exists, other than Jesus of Nazareth, in whom we receive life and salvation.  Jesus is the only sacrifice for sin, which saves into eternity. Our culture loves […]

John 16:12-15: Receiving All–the Deposit of the Faith

The Deposit of the Faith

We’ve inherited a strange way of reading the Bible.  When someone reads Scripture, he often thinks each passage is a direct line, straight from God, telling him what to do.  Such a notion, however, isn’t true.  Read the Bible and you will find out otherwise. Here’s an example.  Paul writes, “Wives, submit to your husbands […]

1 Maccabees 4:36-51, John 10:22-33

I and the Father are One

Today, we are following Jesus.  We walk behind Him, and He makes His way to the Temple to celebrate a festival.  For us, it is spring; for Jesus, the season is now winter.  So, Jesus chooses to make His way to the Temple to celebrate a religious festival God never commanded for His people. Why […]

Acts 9:1-22: The God of Surprises

Mosaic of Sauls conversion (610x351)

God is full of surprises.  He looks down from heaven at the sin and rebellion mounting against Him by those whom He created.  But instead of destroying them all in righteous anger, deep, passionate love moves Him to send His Son to die for their sins.  You may be so used to the Gospel that […]

John 3:5, 16: Donna Defferding’s Funeral Sermon

Believe and Baptized

We face death as we face life—with our eyes fixed on Jesus.  We cling to the promises of His Word, which, when facing death, seem even more incredible and powerful.  We find one of our Lord’s most beautiful promises in John chapter 14: “In My Father’s house are many rooms; if that were not so, […]

John 20:19-31: Forgive and Retain Sins

Locked doors—the disciples hide behind them in fear.  They fear arrest and execution, for that happened to Jesus.  Why should events be different for them?  His body was missing, and His tomb was empty.  Who took the body?  Where was He buried now? Peter and John went to the tomb and entered it.  The bodiless […]

He is risen!

Christ is Risen3 (610x352)

“Why do you look for the living among the dead?” (Luke 24:5).  A reasonable question to ask.  What did the women seek, early on that Sunday morning?  They woke up early to finish Jesus’ burial.  He died the Friday before, and the Sabbath arrived too early to prepare His body for the tomb.  So, the […]

Good Friday: Into Your Hands…

It is the end.  Jesus now prays, “Father, into Your hands I entrust my spirit.”  You may find it surprising: Jesus did not originate that prayer.   In our Lord’s day, thousands prayed the same prayer every day.  For it was the common bedtime prayer for the Jews of the first century. Today, our bedtime prayer […]

Maundy Thursday Sermon: Remembering… for you

First Lords Supper (610x351)

Our God is a God of ritual.  He commanded His Old-Covenant people to take part in a yearly ritual: The Passover meal.  In the first Passover, God freed His people from their slavery in Egypt.  Every year after their liberation, God told the Israelites to remember the first Passover by eating a meal, which God […]

Palm Sunday: John 12:12-19: What the Donkey Tells Us

Palm Sunday 2 (610x351)

Right now, we have no audio of this sermon to post.  If that changes, the sermon will be uploaded. Perhaps, you delighted in watching the old movie clips.  Perhaps, you lived it.  World War 2 was over, and we welcomed our veterans back home, victorious from the fight.  Flags lined the procession.  Guests of honor […]