Malachi 3:6-10

Will a man rob God

A tale from India records the chronicle of a frightened mouse.  So terrified is he of cats, he is too afraid to venture out.  So, a wizard agrees to convert the tiny creature into a cat.  Now graceful and stealthy, with his fears removed, he is courageous—until he finds a wild dog chasing after him. […]

Isaiah 6:1-7: Holy, Holy, Holy

Isaiah, the Lord, and the Seraphim

To gaze on the glory of God in all His grandeur!  In our wildest imaginings, this vision hypnotizes our senses and seizes our hearts.  Such foolishness!  For in our fallen state, we will be devastated.  Every fiber of our being will convulse in terror, with our tongues left stammering.  The glimpse will burn us in […]

John 14:23-31: If anyone loves Me, he will keep My Word

If Anyone Loves Me

The word “Pentecost” means 50.  A festival of the Old Covenant, at first, a celebration which took place every year.  Now we understand why so many pilgrims gathered in Jerusalem on the day the potent Wind from eternity graced the people of God. For the Israelites, Pentecost thanked the Creator for the first harvest of […]

Mark 16:14-20: Christ Precedes Us, Not Abandons Us

Christ's Ascension

The Lord commissions His Apostles before returning to heaven: “Preach the gospel to all creation.”  Next, He adds the promise of Baptism.  Left out of our Lord’s final words are commands to clothe, shelter, or mend broken marriages.  Though noble, helpful, and part of what we should be doing, such work is always secondary. For […]

Numbers 21:4-9: The Snake on the Pole

Snake on the Pole2

Most Christian churches display at least one.  This church is no exception.  On the crest of our steeple, you’ll find one, our building’s highest point.  Another is atop a wooden rod, on display, when we begin the service with a procession.  Behind the altar, you’ll spot one, the size of a monument, made by carpenters […]

Isaiah 12:1-6: Drinking From the Wells of Salvation

Refreshing water

With faces still wet from the mist of the Sea, the Israelites sing out, celebrating their deliverance from Egypt.  So momentous the event, their tongues cannot stay silent, their melodic praise becoming the first song recorded in Scripture (Exodus 15).  The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob remained faithful to His pledge, not forgetting His […]

John 16:16-22: The Church as a Woman in Labor

Woman in Labor

The saints in the struggle, the Church on earth, is a woman in labor.  The saints at rest, the Church in eternal glory, is compared to a mother whose birthing pains are past.  No longer in contractions, she now beholds her baby born, her anguish long forgotten. The people of God, described as a pregnant […]

Psalm 23: The Holy Hunter

Shepherd, a Sheep, and many Wolves

A chapter about the Lord and His sheep.  Such a poor reputation comes with these wool-covered creatures.  For they are gamey to the nose and stupid of mind, too quick to roam and become lost.  Such poor eyesight, but they do recognize their shepherd’s voice!  For sheep to thrive, they must learn to live by […]

John 20:19-31: To forgive and retain sins

Office of the Keys (610x351)

The One raised from the tomb breathes on His disciples, “Peace be with you.”  Next, He shows them the injuries He suffered in His death for all.  Again, the words, “Peace be with you” leave His mouth.  Somehow, an unbreakable bond must exist between our Lord’s wounds and the peace He brings them. On the […]

Luke 24:1-8: Remember What Jesus Told You

The angel asks a strange question.  “Why do you seek the living among the dead?”  The answer is clear.  “Where else will Jesus be?”  These women awoke early in the morning, not wanting to leave their Lord’s body without a proper burial. With heavy footsteps, laden with grief, they talk.  How will they anoint the […]