Luke 6:36-42: What goes around comes around?

Do not judge (610x350)

“Stop judging, and you’ll not be judged.” But, of course, you and I have judged. We’ve judged the motives of those who have offended us. We’ve have acted rashly and assumed the worst of others. We’ve spoken harsh words of judgment about them to others within earshot. “Stop condemning, and you’ll not be condemned.” But, […]

Luke 15:1-2, 11-32: The Prodigal Son

Father hugging Son (610x351)

The Pharisees were grousing against the outrageousness of God’s grace. “This man [Jesus] receives sinners and eats with them.” Now, that’s wonderful news for you and me—if we see ourselves as sinners. It also would’ve been splendid news for the Pharisees—if they would’ve be honest enough to admit that they were sinners, too. So, Jesus […]

Luke 14:15-24: Come, for the Feast is Prepared!

Table loaded with Food (610x350)

It’s a sight to behold! The table is creaking, laden with a load of food, all ready to be eaten. You can see baked fowl, roasted beef, a rack of lamb, fruits, bread, fresh vegetables, sauces for dipping, and wine for pouring. And more than that, the host of that banquet has lovingly prepared that […]

Genesis 2:18-24: 50th Wedding Anniversary Service for Bob and Karen Sands

Fifty (610x351)

The next time you want to hear a good love story, you don’t have to rent a “chick flick” DVD or watch it on Netflix. Neither do you have to buy one of those romance novels that you find at the drugstore. Just read the Old Testament. There, you’ll find some of the most dramatic […]

Isaiah 6:1-7: “Holy! Holy! Holy!” to the Holy Trinity

Isaiah Vision (610x351)

Isaiah was having a bad day. He was in the Temple, offering the daily burnt sacrifice for the sins of Israel. It was a straightforward task, no different from the many other times that he had stood before the Lord’s altar. Isaiah had years of practice being a priest. Making such sacrifices, for him, may […]

Acts 2: It Had All Been For This

Baptism and the Holy Spirit.1 (610x351)

It had all been for this. Jesus ascended into heaven, taking His seat at the right hand of the Father, that position of authority and power, all to pour out the Holy Spirit from the Father. That Spirit, which Jesus had sent to His Church, was the same Spirit that had come to the Virgin […]

Luke 24:44-53: Preaching Repentance into the Forgiveness of Sins

preaching2 (610x352)

It’s easy to think of Jesus ascending into heaven as His goodbye to His people. But that isn’t so. Jesus’ ascension wasn’t a goodbye, even though we who live in this world see Him no more. Ascension wasn’t an ending, or even a time to be sad. But neither was Christ’s ascension a convenient way […]

John 16:23-33: In Jesus’ Name

Praying Hands (610x351)

When our fallen flesh thinks of prayer, it merely sees it as a means to an end—a way to get what you want! And such sinful thinking is also rampant in the Church. After all, every member of Christ’s Church in the world is not just a saint, but also a full-fledged sinner. Haven’t you […]

Isaiah 12:1-6: Jesus is Our Salvation

Jesus on The Cross2 (610x351)

The Old Testament isn’t easy to read. It has so much killing in it, people rebelling against God, and more history than most of us can handle. It’s also hard to understand. But don’t let that keep you from the Old Testament. If you have the patience to take in what God has for you, […]

Lamentations 3:22-33: Depression

Depressed (610x351)

Depression is a vexing condition. It’s part of that huge array of problems that have afflicted us since our first parents fell into sin. Depression is the result of a sin-corrupted body, a defect in how our brains work, just like the fall into sin also affects how our hearts, livers, and stomachs perform. But […]