Acts 2: It Had All Been For This

Baptism and the Holy Spirit.1 (610x351)

It had all been for this. Jesus ascended into heaven, taking His seat at the right hand of the Father, that position of authority and power, all to pour out the Holy Spirit from the Father. That Spirit, which Jesus had sent to His Church, was the same Spirit that had come to the Virgin […]

Luke 24:44-53: Preaching Repentance into the Forgiveness of Sins

preaching2 (610x352)

It’s easy to think of Jesus ascending into heaven as His goodbye to His people. But that isn’t so. Jesus’ ascension wasn’t a goodbye, even though we who live in this world see Him no more. Ascension wasn’t an ending, or even a time to be sad. But neither was Christ’s ascension a convenient way […]

John 16:23-33: In Jesus’ Name

Praying Hands (610x351)

When our fallen flesh thinks of prayer, it merely sees it as a means to an end—a way to get what you want! And such sinful thinking is also rampant in the Church. After all, every member of Christ’s Church in the world is not just a saint, but also a full-fledged sinner. Haven’t you […]

Isaiah 12:1-6: Jesus is Our Salvation

Jesus on The Cross2 (610x351)

The Old Testament isn’t easy to read. It has so much killing in it, people rebelling against God, and more history than most of us can handle. It’s also hard to understand. But don’t let that keep you from the Old Testament. If you have the patience to take in what God has for you, […]

Lamentations 3:22-33: Depression

Depressed (610x351)

Depression is a vexing condition. It’s part of that huge array of problems that have afflicted us since our first parents fell into sin. Depression is the result of a sin-corrupted body, a defect in how our brains work, just like the fall into sin also affects how our hearts, livers, and stomachs perform. But […]

Ezekiel 34: Jesus Feeds You

Jesus as Shepherd2 (610x352)

In our Old-Testament reading, we find God’s people in a time of duress.  They were a defeated nation, in exile.  But what made it worse was that Israel’s leaders, their shepherds, had failed in their callings.  They weren’t faithful.  They cared more about themselves than the flock that God had charged them to serve and […]

1 John 5:4-10: The Spirit, the Water, and the Blood Still Testify to Us Today

Jesus on the cross, water and blood (610x351)

In the accounts of Jesus’ crucifixion, we find that each Gospel writer mentions different facts about what took place on the cross. Here’s how St. Mark describes Jesus’ death: “Jesus let out a loud cry and breathed His last” (Mark 15:37). But John and Matthew want you to know that Jesus “gave up His Spirit” […]

John 20:1-18: Christ is Risen!

Mary Magdalene with Jesus at the Tomb (610x351)

Christos Anesti!  Christ is risen!  He is risen, indeed!  Alleluia! Our Gospel reading for today follows the story of Mary Magdalene, Mary from the town of Magdala. The Apostle John only mentions that Mary as she approached the tomb of Christ. The other Evangelists, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, clearly tell us that other women were […]

Good Friday Sermon: It All Came Down to This

Jesus on the cross about to be pierced with a spear (610x352)

Comparing the Old Covenant with the New, the book of Hebrews tells us: Unlike the [Jewish] high priests, Jesus doesn’t need to offer sacrifices day after day, first for his sins, and then for the sins of the people. No, he did this, once for all, when he sacrificed himself. [Hebrews 7:27] It all came […]

John 6:51-58: Unless…

Pelican representing Jesus

According to legend, in a time of starvation, a mother pelican may dig into the side of her chest until it bleeds to feed her chicks. And so starting from the 2nd century, the Church has adopted the pelican as a symbol for Christ. The pelican represents Christ on the cross because, like a pelican, […]