Making a Faithful Confession

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Instead of an article that I normally write, I put in its place an article written by Pr. Matthew Harrison, assistant pastor at Village Lutheran Church in Ladue, Missouri and also Synod President of the LC-MS. This is a short article that he wrote about what we can do concerning the specific and targeted Christian […]

New Adult Sunday School Class Starting in September

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Beginning in the first Sunday of September, the adult Sunday School will focus on specific questions that some have had about the Christian faith or parts of Lutheranism that may seem weird. These lessons will be from questions that some have asked, and will ask (we’ll get to the “will ask” part in a moment). […]

Pastor Futrell will continue serving at SOTHLC

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Our pastor has declined the call the serve at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Thermopolis, Wyoming.  Here is his letter that he read to our congregation on Sunday, July 20, 2014.  Note: the specific reasons for him declining the call are excised from his letter below.  He thought it was best not to list the specific reasons for […]

Pastor Futrell Receives Call to Serve at St. Paul, Thermopolis

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On June 30, 2014 our pastor received a call to serve at St. Paul Lutheran Church at Thermopolis, Wyoming.  This is his letter that he read to our congregation on July 6.     July 2, 2014   From: Richard Futrell, Pastor, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Kimberling City, MO   Dear members and […]

The Chasuble

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This is our pastor’s article for the summer edition of our congregational newsletter. ———— Some of you have asked me over the last several years about the chasuble, the outer, poncho-like garment, I wear during the Lord’s Supper. I hope this article will help explain the origins of the chasuble and why your pastor wears one. […]

Tradition in Christ’s Church, Part 2

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This is our pastor’s newsletter article for June, 2014. In last month’s newsletter article, we learned that tradition is not a bad word. In truth, we learned the opposite: Tradition is a good word. However, what matters about tradition is whose tradition we are following. The Apostle Paul wrote to the congregation at Thessalonica: “So […]

Pastor Futrell Guest on Steadfast Throwdown

Steadfast Throwdown (610x351)

Our pastor was recently interviewed for a Lutheran program called “Steadfast Throwdown.”  The subject of the program is the New Covenant as the Fulfillment of the Old.  Since we are not within listening range of the station that will air the interview, you can hear the interview at two different times on the internet: – […]

Tradition in Christ’s Church According to the Bible

Jesus on the Cross and the Lords Supper Host (610x351)

This is our pastor’s newsletter article for May, 2014. Today, many are practicing “Christian freedom” by living a way of life that is contrary to the Christian faith!  One way of doing that is by seeing faith as only something personal, not communal.  It’s both!  Just read the New Testament. It’s true: no one can […]

Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter

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As Holy week of 2014 draws near to a close, we will have our final services of the week: Maundy Thursday, April 17th, is at 7:00 PM.  This is a service when we commemorate Jesus instituting the New Covenant for us: His Holy Supper. Good Friday, April 18th, is when we observe Christ’s crucifixion and death […]

Memorial Luncheon for Kathy Farris

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On Saturday, March 22nd, at 12:00 noon, we have a memorial luncheon (or better stated, potluck) for Kathy Farris.  This is not in place of a funeral, as a funeral for her will be held in Washington, MO.  This is a way to remember Kathy and also visit and comfort her husband and children in […]