The Apocrypha, Lesson 17: The Wisdom of Solomon, Part 3

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear 2

Intro We earlier learned Jesus is Wisdom incarnate.  The Church understood the Apocrypha book of Wisdom to foretell Christ’s coming (“O Come, O Come, Emmanuel).  Today, we continue exploring what this book has for us to learn.   We Make Our False Idols so We Can Do What We Want In Acts 15, the Church’s […]

Church History, Lesson 7: The Beginning of the Rise of Rome

7, Meaning of Dikiaoo

  Introduction History teaches us the Apostle Peter was the first recognized Bishop of Rome, though Paul did precede him as acting bishop while under house arrest.  The sources are silent, however, about Peter’s years in Rome, since he only served a short time before being martyred in 64 AD. The first leader to come […]

The Apocrypha, Lesson 16: The Wisdom of Solomon, Part 2

Jesus is Wisdom 2

Intro Last week, we stopped at the end of chapter 6.  Today, we pick up, exploring select verses of Wisdom.   Wisdom Described and the Christ to Come Remember, “wisdom” is a feminine-gendered word the Greek, so “she” is used to describe “her/him/it” irrespective of whom or what “she” refers. Wisdom 7:23-24, 8:1: 23 Wisdom […]

Luke 19:41-48: The Thresher, the Threshing Floor, and the Temple

Threshing Floor 2

A threshing floor is a violent place, of division and separation.  A farmer takes the cultivated harvest and casts the grain stalks on to a compacted floor.  Sinewy muscles stretch and strain, beating and separating the seed’s outer bran from the starchy inside.  Now, if wealthier, an ox will trudge through this crushing task, not […]

Church History, Lesson 6: Christianity becomes Illegal

Fire of Rome 2

The Great Fire of Rome, 64 AD Backdrop The Roman Empire enabled Christianity to spread without the effort needed in earlier centuries.  The Empire’s unifying infrastructure aided the Gospel’s expansion of the Gospel: well-laid roads made travel easier, most people spoke Greek, and a mighty army kept the peace.  An Empire runs on unity and […]

Church History, Lesson 5: The Didache, Pt. 2

The Twelve Apostles, early 14th Century 2

Baptism The Didache now moves into what brings someone into the community (communion) of Christ: Baptism.  7:1 As for baptism, baptize in this way: After explaining all these things, baptize in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit in living [moving, running] water.  2 But if you do not have […]

The Apocrypha, Lesson 15: The Wisdom of Solomon, Part 1

Wisdom of Solomon 2

Intro Author: The Lutheran Study Bible Apocrypha writes: “The obvious Greek style and philosophical influences make it clear that the Hebrew king Solomon did not write the book.”  Now, this does not mean that what is in Wisdom is not linked in some way to the teachings of Solomon. Date: 30-10 BC. The Church’s Historical […]

The Value of the Hebrew and Greek Old Testaments

Septuagint Translation of Leviticus 2

This is our pastor’s newsletter article for the September 2017 edition of “The Shepherd’s Voice.”   The Value of the Hebrew and Greek Old Testaments By Pr. Rich Futrell Today, we have two primary Old Testaments: The Hebrew, called the “Masoretic Text,” and the Septuagint, a Greek-language translation, whose manuscripts predate the Masoretic Text by […]

Luke 16:19-31: The Dishonest Manager–praised for his astuteness, not his dishonesty

“The Parable of the Dishonest Manager” or, with the older title, “The Unjust Steward.”  An owner is wealthy, and others relay rumors to him about his accountant, who is squandering his assets.  This manager is stealing by overcharging on his commissions.  Unlike a wage by the hour or collecting a salary, he earns his income […]

Jeremiah 23:16-29: Live in the Truth


Still in the insecurity of your childhood, running through the house.  Crash!  A prized piece of your mother’s fine porcelain lay broken on the floor.  A few moments later, words are flying from your mouth on how you didn’t break your mom’s china. The contrived deception now spins its web around you, in your mind […]