Good Friday, The Centurion: This Man, Jesus, is the Son of God!

centurion at the cross

The day is dark on a Friday so long ago.  The life drains from an unusual man as He goes to His gloomy end.  Is He not supposed to be the One, prophesied by Scripture?  Yes, but we find Him too powerless to save Himself.  The injustice of corrupt leaders and what is expedient for […]

Jesus, Our Passover Lamb

Jesus, the Passover Lamb

Exodus 6:2-8, Exodus 12:1-14, and Luke 22:14-20   The end is near.  The words our Savior speaks are clear, “I wanted much to eat this Passover with you [, my disciples,] before I suffer.”  “The Son of Man is going to his death according to God’s plan.” The path of death is now before Him.  For […]

Al and Gloria Hynek’s Funeral Sermon

Jesus, the Bridegroom

Job 13:20-25; Romans 5:8-10;  John 3:1-7, 9-12, 16-17   A story of love and a story of heartbreak.  One sentence to describe my understanding of Al and Gloria in my life as their pastor.  One comes to worship and joins in the life of this congregation, the other stays on the fringes, cloistered in the […]

Holy Week Services

Holy Week Service Times

As we remember the way our Lord took for our salvation, we do so with three services this week: Maundy Thursday, April 13: 7:oo PM, which is a Divine Service with a spoken liturgy Good Friday, April 14: 7:00 PM, the most somber service of the entire year, our Savior dying to give us eternal life Easter, […]

Palm Monday: Matthew 21:12-16

The wonders of Jesus confront the chief priests and scribes.  In the Temple, the Father’s House, the Son, soon to die, causes eyes to open in surprise.  The children respond, bringing honor to God for His unexpected blessings. The triumphal entry into Jerusalem does cause the people to sit up and wonder—but what takes place […]

The Passion and the People: Herod

Jesus before Herod

Wanting the Right Person for the Wrong Reasons Luke 23:6-12   A king with wealth and standing, Herod, can do almost anything he wants. Still, an unfulfilled longing yearns within him—to meet Jesus. “For a long time, he wished to meet him because of what others said, hoping to catch him do some miracle.” The […]

Genesis 22:1-14, John 8:46-59: Abraham, Isaac, and Jesus

Jesus and Isaac

The life of Abraham forces us to face several facts.  First, is his faith.  Many years earlier, God told him to leave his home and family and travel to an unknown land.  Revealed to Abraham, who is now an old man, is the promise to become the father of a son.  The wrinkle in this […]

Romans, Lesson 27: The Liturgy Being Lived Out

Comforting Another

By finishing with the hope the Christian has, the resurrection of the body, given to him by faith through the Holy Spirit, Paul begins his conclusion.  What he does, which we may consider is unusual, is he includes two conclusions.  The first is for the “stronger brother,” the Gentiles (Romans 14:15-21).  (His conclusion for the […]

The Passion and the People: Pilate

Pilate Washing His hands

Matthew 27:11-14, 24-26   The Governor, Pontius Pilate.  Every week, we mention this man in the creeds, who caused our Savior to suffer, whom He crucified.  Still, who is this mystery man, who brought the weight of an Empire on our Savior’s shoulders?  Let’s begin with what we understand about Pontius Pilate from history. The […]

Acts 2:41-44: The Fulfilled Synagogue and Temple in the Divine Service

Chalice and Host3

Long ago, in ages past, the Creator remembered, recalling the promise He made to Abraham.  “Through [Abraham, God will bless], all the people of the earth” (Genesis 12:3).  So, years later, the Almighty enlists a Hebrew man raised in an Egyptian household, Moses.  Through him, the remembering God rescues these descendants of the promise, using […]