Pastor Futrell will continue serving at SOTHLC

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church (610x351)

Our pastor has declined the call the serve at St. Paul Lutheran Church in Thermopolis, Wyoming.  Here is his letter that he read to our congregation on Sunday, July 20, 2014.  Note: the specific reasons for him declining the call are excised from his letter below.  He thought it was best not to list the specific reasons for […]

Roman 8:18-27:Prayers of groans too deep for words


On August 31, 1422, King Henry V of England died. Henry V’s one-and-only son, Henry VI, then became king. However, a problem then confronted that island nation in the sea: Henry VI was only eight months old! So, because of Henry’s young age and inexperience, the English Parliament appointed Humphrey, the Duke of Gloucester, to […]

Augsburg Confession, Articles 22-23

Chalice and Host2 (610x351)

AC XXII: Reception of Christ’s Body and Blood in the Lord’s Supper The laity are given both forms of the Lord’s Supper because this practice is the Lord’s command, “Drink of it all of you (Matthew 26:27). Christ has clearly commanded that all should drink from the cup. So no one will quibble and say […]

Augsburg Confession, Article 21

Woman praying before statue of Jesus with His mother (610x351)

AC XXI: Invocation of the Saints Our churches teach that we are to remember the history of the saints so that our faith may be strengthened when we see how they experienced grace and how they were sustained by faith. Even more, their good works are to be an example for us, each of us […]

Acts, Lesson 7: The Martyrdom of Deacon Stephen

Stephen being martyred (610x351)

The Church had just established the Office of Deacon to free pastors (at this time, the Apostles) to focus on Word and Sacrament ministry. Deacons assisted the pastor, primarily focusing on the physical needs of parishioners. Yet, we see they also did more, as we see evidences with Stephen, one of the ordained deacons. Read […]

Matthew 11:25-30: Becoming as Little Children, even Infants

Child with wonder in his eyes (610x351)

Jesus had been teaching and preaching to His own people. But what did they do? They went on believing what they wanted to believe, thinking they had the last word, instead of God. Jesus compared His generation to a bunch of spoiled, religious brats. A few verses before our Gospel reading for today, Jesus recited […]

Pastor Futrell Receives Call to Serve at St. Paul, Thermopolis

St Paul Thermopolis(610x352)

On June 30, 2014 our pastor received a call to serve at St. Paul Lutheran Church at Thermopolis, Wyoming.  This is his letter that he read to our congregation on July 6.     July 2, 2014   From: Richard Futrell, Pastor, Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Kimberling City, MO   Dear members and […]

Augsburg Confession, Articles 19-20

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AC XIX: The Cause of Sin Concerning the cause of sin, our churches teach that–although God creates and preserves nature–the cause of sin is located in the will of those who are evil, that is, of the devil and ungodly people. Without God’s help, the will of the wicked turns itself away from God, as […]

Acts, Lesson 6: Persecution from the Jewish Leadership

Peter before the Sanhedrin (610x352)

In last week’s lesson, Ananias and Sapphira had decided to deceive the Apostles and congregation in Jerusalem by stating they sold property for a certain amount, deliberately understating the amount they had received. After that fear-inducing event, Luke takes us to see what is going on with the Apostles in Jerusalem, in particular, Peter.   […]

St. Peter and St. Paul, Apostles

Jesus with Sts Peter and Paul (610x351)

What a daring deed it is to call someone a saint. Saint comes from the Latin word for holy. So, let us speak in clear English today. Today, we celebrate the Feast of Holy Peter and Holy Paul. How can we say that? Only God is Holy. That’s what we sing every week in the […]