Suffering Through the Lenses of Job, Lesson 4: Job’s Redeemer—and Ours!

Intro and Recap Last week, we explored what God works through the suffering we experience, realizing that at suffering’s deepest root is sin. Nonetheless, God will work what we suffer for our eternal good, just as He worked our salvation through His Son’s suffering on the cross (Romans 8:28, John 3:16). Through faith, then, the […]

Suffering Through the Lenses of Job, Lesson 3: Counsel from Job’s Friends

Job's three friends (610x352)

Intro We now explore the counsel of three friends of Job. As a backdrop, realizing that Job comes to us in to form of poetry, and also as a story, we should ask, “Why are three friends, not two or four, giving their counsel to Job?” If we look at job as “history,” we would […]

Luke 23:33-34: Father, Forgive Them, For They Don’t Know What They are Doing

Father Forgive Them (610x351)

Epitaphs: carved into stone, whittled in wood, burnished into bronze. They’re a message for someone to read, long after the bodies below them are dust and ash, and the memories are faded and no longer shine. Gravestones may read: Loving Mother and Faithful Wife; He Gave His Life Defending His Country; Beloved Daughter.   In […]

Our Focus During Lent: Final Words From the Cross

Words of Christ From the Cross (610x351)

This year, our midweek Lenten services and sermons will have this focus: Jesus’ Final Words from the Cross. Each “word” (sentence) will shape each midweek service, although every service will have a traditional, liturgical form.   Here are the Scripture readings and focus for each service: February 10: Ash Wednesday: “Forgive”: OT: Joel 2:12-19; Ep: 1 Jn 1:4-9; Gos: […]

Luke 9:28-36: A Preview of the New Creation

Transfiguration, Stained Glass (610x351)

Our Lord’s Transfiguration is a like a preview at the cinema, before the featured presentation. You glimpse a smidgen, enough to tug at you later to go to the movie. That’s what the Transfiguration is—a sneak peek, a glimpse of Jesus’ glory as the Son of God, a coming attraction for the kingdom He brings […]

Sola Scriptura: Scripture Alone, Pt. 2

Review and Overview For Lutherans, our Formula of Concord reads: We believe, teach, and confess that the only rule and norm according to which all teachings, together with all teachers, should be evaluated and judged are the prophetic and apostolic Scriptures of the Old and of the New Testament alone. [Ep, Summary, 1] Thus, we […]

Suffering Through the Lenses of Job, Lesson 2: The Suffering Begins

Job with Boils (610x351)

Review of the Literary Genre for Job Although Job was a real person, the events in Job are not written as a historical narrative. Other than the prologue (Job 1:1-2:13) and epilogue (Job 42:7-17), which are highly stylized prose, the rest of Job is a series of poetic speeches (Job 3:1-42:6). These poetic forms show […]

Sola Scriptura: Scripture Alone, Pt. 1

Sola-Scriptura (610x350)

Sola Scriptura means “Scripture alone,” one of the three “solas” of the Reformation. The idea of “Scripture alone” wasn’t something new in the Church. For example, Gregory of Nyssa (335-395 AD) wrote, “Let the inspired Scriptures then be our umpire, and the vote of truth will be given to those whose dogmas are found to […]

Jeremiah 1:4-10: Uproot to Plant

Law and Gospel (610x351)

Jeremiah writes, “The Word of the Lord came to me.” He’s describing his call to preach. For a man doesn’t call himself to be God’s preacher. “The Word of the Lord came to me.” The Lord deals with us through His Word. He doesn’t let us choose what His Word says, so we can tell […]

Luke 4:16-21: Freedom for the Captives

Broken chains (610x351)

Jesus has traveled north to preach in the synagogue. He has returned to Nazareth, His hometown. And what He preaches shows that He is the one who fulfills God’s promises. Jesus unrolls the scroll containing the Book of the Prophet Isaiah, to read the appointed reading for the day. He finds the right spot and […]