What role do emotions have in the Christian Life?

Emotions 2 (610x351)

This topic goes back to an article I wrote about why we sing what we sing in church. In that article, I mentioned one hymn that wrongly points us to our subjective experiences as a way to “know” God. I come to the garden alone while the dew is still on the roses; and the […]

Acts, Lesson 16: The Church’s First Council

Jewish Circumcision Ceremony (610x352)

Paul and Barnabas returned to Antioch (in Syria, not Pisidia) and remained there “no little time with the disciples.” Judaizers in the Church Read Acts 15:1 What were some in the Church insisting concerning Gentile believers?   Read Genesis 17:9-14 Leviticus 12:3: [The Lord told Moses,] “On the eighth day, the flesh of the baby’s […]

Dealing with Our Culture’s Sexual Standards

Unsure Way to Go (610x351)

This is our pastor’s article for our October, 2014 newsletter.   Dealing with Our Culture’s Sexual Standards By Pr. Rich Futrell An older person may feel out of step because he has spent much of his life living in another culture–the culture that once was. Think back to when you were a child. Do you […]

What is our true comfort in death, our souls being in heaven or our body and soul being reunited on the Last Day?

Resurrection of the body (610x352)

Introduction The typical North-American Christian worldview is one that values the spiritual but often sees little value in how God uses the physical. After all, Protestant America often views baptism as something that a Christian does to show that he is a Christian; the water may simply be incidental. The wine (or grape juice) and […]

Acts, Lesson 15: Paul’s First Missionary Journey, Part 2

Philemon and Baucis by Jeffrey Ackerman (610x351)

Last week, we finished with Paul and Barnabas in Asia Minor on a missionary journey. Today, we continue to learn about the second half of that missionary trip. At Iconium Iconium was the capitol of Lycaonia. In a 2nd-century account, Acts of Paul, an Onesiphorus described what Paul looked like when he met him in […]

The Difference Between Infant and Adult Faith

Infant Baptism2 (610x352)

What is faith? It’s important to understand what faith is–and what faith isn’t. If we don’t know what faith is, then we can misunderstand who may or may not have it. Proverbs 3:5: Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding. Within this verse, what does it […]

Acts, Lesson 14: Paul’s First Missionary Journey, Pt. 1

Paul and Barnabas, founders of the Church in Cyprus (610x351)

Paul and Barnabas returned to Antioch after they had delivered aid for the mother Church at Jerusalem. At Antioch, we find out what the Lord has planned for Saul and Barnabas.   The Church calls and commissions Saul and Barnabas to be missionaries There’s a lot going on in the first few verses of this […]

Prayers for the Dead: A Scriptural and Lutheran Worldview

Mass for the dead (610x352)

Introduction The Scriptures teach us that a when a person dies, he immediately begins to experience eternity in one of two states: heaven or hell. The Christian experiences eternity as one filled with joy (heaven), although his body and soul are separated until his soul is reunited with a sinless, perfect, incorruptible body on the […]

Acts, Lesson 13: Persecution Begins From the State

Peter in Prison (610x352)

Last week, we had a look into the church at Antioch, the first place where Christians were labelled with the disparaging term, “Christian,” one belonging to Christ. Today, we find such disparaging words grow into an even greater persecution.   Martyrdom and Imprisonment Read Acts 12:1-5 Herod and his descendants, also called “Herod” ruled Judea […]

Augsburg Confession, Conclusion of Article 28 and Lutheran Quiz

Candle Flame (610x351)

Last week, we didn’t quite finish with Article 28. So, today we will finish our study of the Augsburg Confession but also look into some things our Lutheran Confessions assert that may seem “weird” to us, revealing a theological worldview that differs from ours in several ways.   Making Laws in the Church “We teach […]