1 Timothy, Lesson 7: The Christian Religion

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Last week, Paul finished telling Timothy that the Church is a pillar and bulwark of the truth. Thus, the Church has a role in safeguarding and conveying the truth that Jesus originally gave to His Apostles. However, truth being truth, the Church does not have the authority to alter, delete, or add to this truth.  […]

1 Corinthians, Lesson 25: The Gospel, the Church, the Scriptures, and the Body’s Resurrection

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Paul had shut down speaking in tongues, at least as the Corinthians had practiced it, when they spoke unintelligible sounds from their mouths. Paul viewed real speaking in tongues as something good, which was speaking in a way that increased understanding, not decreased it (think of Acts chapter 2). After all, Paul said this about […]

1 Timothy, Lesson 6: Deacons, Deaconesses, and the Role of the Church

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We finished with Paul speaking about the requirements for a man to serve as a deacon. What seemed unusual was that Paul had theological requirements for a man to be a deacon, but not to be an overseer! Deacons were to hold to the mystery of the faith with a clear conscience, which is knowing […]

Jesus in the Old Testament

OT pointing forward to the New (610x351)

This is our pastor’s article for our July congregational newsletter, helping us to see Jesus in the Old Testament. ———— While speaking to “the Jewish leaders [who] were trying all the harder to kill him,” Jesus said: “You pore over the Scriptures because you think they give you eternal life. These Scriptures testify of me” […]

1 Corinthians, Lesson 24: Worship is to reflect the orderliness of God


Earlier in chapter 14, Paul told the Corinthians Christians to be infants in evil. Paul was pointing out that they were not infants, but adults, when it came to evil. The only negative topic of chapter 14, the evil to which Paul referred, was speaking in unintelligible tongues. Paul was not against speaking in tongues—but […]

1 Timothy, Lesson 5: Pastors and Deacons

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At the end of 1 Timothy chapter 2, Paul covered the role of men and women during worship, pointing to fall into sin as the reason men and women have different roles. Paul’s point was that our differing roles point backward to our fall into sin and, thus, our need for redemption.  And although both […]

1 Corinthians, Lesson 23: Seek the Understandable Word, not Intelligible Sounds

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Starting with chapter 12, Paul has dealt with the topic of spiritual gifts, which many in the congregation at Corinth were abusing. Last week, Paul focused on the greatest expression of the Holy Spirit’s work in someone: agape love. He now revisits the proper use of “the Spirituals,” focusing on speaking the Word (prophecy) and […]

1 Timothy, Lesson 4: Roles of Men and Women in the Church

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Having shared with Timothy the proper content and purpose of prayer during worship (2:1-7), Paul now discusses the proper role of men and women during worship (2:8-10), which then segues into the topic on women teaching (2:11-15). In the beginning of chapter 2, what Paul said about prayer was his request (2:1). Now his words […]

1 Corinthians, Lesson 22: Love is a Verb

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Having dealt with those who were misusing spiritual gifts (or doing what they thought were expressions of their spiritual gifts, but were not), Paul now moves to his main train of thought. He finished chapter 12 with these words: “And now I will show you the best way of all” (1 Corinthians 12:31). 1 Corinthians […]

Misreading Scripture Alone

Misreading Scripture Alone (610x351)

This is an article that pastor came across last autumn. The author, Matthew Block, writes how many have succumbed to ancient heresies that the Church has long ago refuted. He also explains why he thinks this is the case.  When the author uses the word “evangelical,” he means Protestant Christians who do not consider themselves […]