1 Corinthians, Lesson 11: Celibacy—More Than What You Think

Celibacy (610x350)

Like last week, we still find ourselves within a flow of thought taking place within a chiasm: A  7:1-16  Sex relating to those who are or have been married .       B  7:17-24  Being content in your callings A’ 7:25-40  Sex relating to those not now married This week, we look at remaining in […]

How We Got the Old Testament

The Septuagint

This is our pastor’s newsletter article for our March 2015 edition of our newsletter.  In it, he leaves much out to keep the article a usable length.  So, the article is not “bullet proof,” but it does, on the main, cover why the Old Testament contains the books that it does. ———- In this article, we’ll explore how […]

1 Corinthians, Lesson 10: Remaining with God Wherever You Are

Looking contented (610x351)

We still find ourselves within a flow of thought that takes place within a chiasm: A 7:1-16 Sex relating to those who are or have been married .     B 7:17-24 Being content in your callings A’ 7:25-40 Sex relating to those not now married The main point Paul is making is to be content where […]

1 Corinthians, Lesson 9: Marriage and Divorce; the Gift of Celibacy and Sexuality

Marriage and Divorce (610x350)

Paul still continues to deal with the topic of sexuality, but now within the context of marriage. We find that 1 Corinthians chapter 7 is in a chiastic structure: A 7:1-16 Sex relating to those who are or have been married .     B 7:17-24 Being content within one’s vocation A’ 7:25-40 Sex relating to those […]

Acts: Lesson 27: Proceedings against Paul Take Place within the Roman Legal System

Festus, Stained-Glass Window (610x349)

Lysias, the tribune (chiliarchos, commander of a 1,000), had arrested Paul because of the ruckus surrounding him with the Jews. At first, he tried to get the Sanhedrin to settle the matter with Paul. After all, as far he could tell, the row was over religious matters, of which he knew little and would have […]

Acts, Lesson 26: Paul is Under Arrest

Paul in Jerusalem (610x353)

The warnings to Paul that he would face trouble in Jerusalem have now materialized. A Jewish mob wanted to injure him when they “heard” that he had brought a Gentile into the Temple. After the Romans got involved because of the disturbance, the commander allowed him to speak to the Jews assembled. Paul spoke to […]

1 Corinthians, Lesson 8: Being Holy in Christ

Corruption (610x351)

In 1 Corinthians chapter 5, Paul confronted a sin taking place: a son was sleeping with his “father’s wife.” Now Paul deals with Christians bringing a lawsuit to another Christian in a secular court. Paul opens his worldview of what it means to be in Christ.   Settle Your Differences within the Church Read 1 […]

1 Corinthians, Lesson 7: Community, Holiness, and Covenant


In the first four chapters, when dealing with sin, Paul dealt with division in the Corinthian congregation expressed by favoring one pastor over another. In chapter 5, Paul switches subjects: he is still dealing with sin but the sin is related to the gift of sexuality. How are Christians living in Christ to live out […]

Acts, Lesson 25: Paul’s Troubles Begin

Paul Speaking to fellow Jews in Jerusalem (610x350)

Paul finally arrived in Jerusalem, having completed his third missionary travels. He knew from repeated warnings that trouble awaited him, but “constrained by the Spirit,” he made his way to Jerusalem anyway (Acts 20:22).   But it’s more than those warnings that prepare us for what awaits Paul. In Jerusalem, Luke shows the change in how […]

The Church Choir

2004 General Conference

This is our pastor’s article for the February 2015 edition of The Shepherd’s Voice, our congregational newsletter.   At Shepherd of the Hills, our choir has been adding to our worship services long before I came here to serve as your pastor. But, I suppose, we can ask, “Why did churches have choirs in the […]